Alun Gold

3rd Technician Grade

  • Lead Instructor

  • 11 years

  • Wing Tsun Wing Chun

  • CRB checked

  • 07834 081793


Paul Allen

1st Technition Grade

  • Self-defence, teaching instructors, Marketing.

  • 1st Technition Grade

  • 0758 012 0232

  • CRB checked



1st Technition Grade

  • Wing Chun

  • 1st Technition Grade


Paul Tierney

1st Technition Grade

  • Wing Chun / Wing Tsun

  • 1st Technician / Black Belt

  • 0779 973 6805


Lead Instructor

Alun started his martial art journey at 12 years old, he came to Wing Chun aged 38 training under the Leung Ting and Keith Kernspecht lineage. Alun gained his Black belt equivalent by his 40th Birthday training 8 times a week in Tonbridge in Kent before moving to the Midlands. After 11 years he has now attained 3rd level technician Grade/Black belt and has helped form the WCCW organisation. Alun has started clubs in Northampton, Leicester before settling in Leamington Spa and running the Coventry club for 6 years. read more

Senior Instructor

Paul started his Wing Chun journey in 2008, he was 18 years old and had no previous martial arts experience. Paul achieved his black belt in 2010, he trained 7 days a week even though the club was only open 2 days a week at that time, he would meet up with his training partners outside and also did private classes with Sifu Alun. After 6 years of training he achieved his 1st technician grade. read more


Tarek started his Wing Chun journey at age 20 while at university in Leeds. He trained in the Ip Chun lineage under Sifu Colin Ward. Although he only trained there for a short time, he always knew that he wanted to continue this training. So when he settled in Coventry he found his local school and started training in Leung Ting lineage with Sifu Alun Gold at age 31. He was determined to progress quickly so he trained at least 4 times a week in the classes and also had weekly private lessons with his Sifu. read more

Assistant Instructor

I first started training Wing Chun in 2009 at the age of 21 having had no previous experience in martial arts whatsoever so I had no idea what to expect. I was hooked straight away with the easy to learn moves, the passion which the instructors taught with, the fantastic atmosphere of the club and the friendly attitude of the people I trained with. I was able to progress quickly through the grades and earned my Black Belt in 2011. Since then I have continued to progress through the system, eventually earning my 1st TG grade in 2013. read more

Wing Chun Self Defence

The team in Coventry have a high standard of training and is respected amongst our peers in Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun and Wing Chun International. Altogether we have about 20 years of teaching training. We also have social events including ex SAS led days, Brazilian Jujitsu rolls, celebration nights out and more. Alun and John were recently rewarded with the Children's 2013 WCI competition trophy where the children won 3 out of 4 golds and also 2 silvers.

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